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Being a primary school teacher, I know how it feels to be stressed and overwhelmed by the pressures of the job.

The early mornings and late nights, working through lunch, working weekends and holidays led me to burn out every term. I worked in three schools and I was signed off with anxiety, stress, depression and put on anti-depressants in each school.

For years, I continued to live a life of stress and anxiety, thinking that this was the norm. However, there was something deep inside of me that wanted more from life, that wanted to be truly happy! I searched for it in holidays, clothes, cars, partying, relationships. And yeah it would make me happy for a short period of time, but it wasn't fulfilling this desire for true happiness deep inside of me. 

In 2018, I had a mental breakdown and was also diagnosed with Diverticular Disease after months of digestive issues. This was when I realised I couldn’t keep living the way I was anymore!

From then on, my health and wellbeing became my priority; I tried anything and everything to help my mind and body heal. This is what lead me to coaching!

I wanted to understand why this had happened and how I can overcome it. Surely enough, my deepest desire for true happiness was starting to be fulfilled. I learned that true happiness depended on me - my thoughts, my feelings, my actions and my behaviours.

Now I am off anti-depressants, am able to control how I respond to life stresses and I am doing things for me, that bring me true happiness. 

These experiences, alongside my holistic health and nutrition studies, have enabled me to specialise in helping teachers identify and achieve their personal goals by dealing with the issues that are causing them anxiety and stress. From there, my clients learn how to adopt a healthier, happier, purposeful lifestyle! I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients, and look forward to helping you find your true happiness.

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