• Jessica Joan

Creating Your New Normal

Another gorgeous British bank holiday weekend has passed (three in a row, who’d believe it?!) and I realised, as I was lying in my garden in the glorious sunshine, that I was smiling to myself!

Usually, bank holiday + sunshine = a day out to the beach or getting pissed in a beer garden with my mates. Yet, this time in isolation has forced us to stay at home and enjoy the bank holidays within the confines of our home. So there I was, sunbathing in my garden, admiring the cloudless azure sky, peacefully listening to birds tweeting, watching bumble bees enjoy the beautiful variety of flowers, laughing as I read my new book whilst sipping on a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc (highly recommend a New Zealand by the way!) and I thought to myself, I never would have done this if it wasn’t for isolation!

This then got me thinking about all the other stuff I’ve done during the past ten weeks at home:

  1. Created a self-care routine (to manage my anxiety levels) where I move my body every day

  2. Taken more responsibility of my health and how I fuel my body

  3. Recognised my stress symptoms and not felt guilty about having a rest

  4. Set up my new coaching business

  5. Pushed past fear in order to show up for myself and others

  6. Started writing a blog and doing workshops for fun

  7. Learned to look for the silver linings in the darkest of clouds

  8. Spent a lot of time in my garden and admired its beauty

  9. Connected with friends and family, in a variety of ways, more often than I usually would have done

  10. Found a new appreciation of “time” and its value

  11. Recognised how beautiful my local area is and cherished the moments I spent outside with my boyfriend going for walks

  12. Treasured the 8 weeks being furloughed with my boyfriend (and the longest holiday we’ve had together before this was 4days!)

It seems weird that I will miss this time as it’s been an emotional rollercoaster, aka ‘The Coronacoaster’. One minute I’m in my little bubble, happy as Larry, then the next minute I’m having an anxiety attack about going to Tesco’s to do my shopping. But I really believe that this time has been invaluable for me, my health and my business.

Next week sees the opening of schools to Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. The beginning of going back to “reality”, whatever that may be for us. But I hope that I will take the lessons I’ve learned from this experience with me into “normal life” again.

I hope that I will continue to value my health and make it my priority.

I hope that I will continue to value my time and do what’s important to me.

I hope that I will continue to push past my fears of setting up a new business and help as many teachers as I can to create a happier, healthier lifestyle.

I hope that I will always cherish hugging and kissing my family and friends.

I hope that I will always find the light in the darkest of times.

Take a moment before going back to work to reflect on the past ten weeks. Write down all the wonderful things you have done, all the lessons you have learned, all the difficulties you have pushed past and finally, all the things you want to take with you into your “new normal” after life in lockdown.

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