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How Can I Create A Better Work/Life Balance?

"I'd love to, but I've got work to do."

"I can't, it's a week day!"

"Won't be able to make it, I've just got too much to do."

"I'm too tired, can we rearrange for another time, maybe in the holidays?"

Any of these sound familiar to you?

These were my typical responses if someone asked to do something together in term time, god forbid, on a week day too!

I mean, can you even imagine going out on a week day evening?!


I'd try to make plans and arrange to do things during term time- but when it actually came to it, a lot of the time I'd cancel.

I'd cancel because I was too tired, or I had a load of marking to do, or I had to finish my planning, etc...

The problem was, by cancelling these things (that actually deep down I really wanted to do), I was telling myself that I was NOT important.

That my needs and the things that I wanted to do were not valid.

For example - eating dinner with my partner was not important, that going to the gym was not important, etc.

This meant I wasn't validating my own happiness and ultimately lead me to burn-out and be put on anti-depressants.

What Are Your Values?

Take a moment now to think about three things you've wanted to do but you haven't had time to because of work.

Are these things not important to you?

If they are important to you, what's stopping you from doing them?

These things that you want to do, these will help you to create your values in life.

Discovering your values plays such a big part in my Happy Teacher course because it creates the foundation which we are then able to build upon!

When you know what your values are and start living aligned to them - you are going to feel happier and more fulfilled as you're filling your own cup up and you're reminding yourself that YOUR needs are important!

Knowing your values will allow you to create boundaries which will then support you in creating a happier work/life balance!

How To Create A Happier Work/Life Balance

There are 3 steps to creating a happier work/life balance:

  1. Write a list of 3 things that are important to you to create your values (You can use the list you created above for the things you haven't had time to do.) and place them somewhere you'll see every day.

  2. Make time in your diary for these things - you're not gonna do it unless you plan it in!

  3. Put boundaries in place to ensure that you do the things you value, for those times when you tell yourself you haven't got time!

These will take time and A LOT of practice on your behalf as you learn to value yourself while navigating the curve balls that teaching throws at you.

But I'm here to tell you that you can do it! And I know that because I've done it and I've helped my Happy Teacher clients to do it too!

Keep shining,

Jess x

If you need further support and guidance in creating your values and implementing boundaries around them, book your free strategy call with me so that you can start to create that work/life balance which you've always dreamed of!

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