• Jessica Joan

Let Go of Fear, Worry and Anxiety

Where is fear showing up for you right now?

There's so much going on in the world that is scary and worrying.

Our brains are wired to imagine the worst case scenario as a way of protecting us. But, it can go into overdrive when there's so much going on: leading to paralysis, overwhelm and spiralling thoughts which negatively impacts your wellbeing.

It is very important to acknowledge all of your feelings and do what you need to support yourself when those feelings are dark or heavy.

If we ignore our feelings then we are not accepting ourselves as whole - it is necessary to feel all levels of emotion as a human being - we are not supposed to be happy all the time and nor is it possible!

What is important is that we try and move into a higher level of emotion as quickly as we can so that we don't stay stuck in lower levels of vibration for too long.

However, those lower levels of vibration can be really difficult to let go of. So here is a practical exercise you can do to alleviate and let go of the fear and worry you feel:

  1. Write down all the fearful and anxious thoughts that you're currently thinking about. E.g. What if I can't afford to pay my monthly outgoings?

  2. When you feel like you've got them all written down, circle the ones you have control over or can do something about.

  3. For each one you have circled, create an action that you can do to help you with this. E.g. an action you can take for "What if I can't afford to pay my monthly outgoings" could be to add up your new monthly bills so you know exactly what is going out of your bank each month.

  4. When you have finished with your action steps, go back to the ones you haven't circled because they're beyond your control. Tell them: "Thank you for trying to protect me and keep me safe. I appreciate your concern. I'm good for now."

  5. Finally, ask yourself, "What do you need right now to feel safe?" "What does my (emotion) need right now to feel safe?" And whatever comes to you, do it.

And that's one way of letting go of fear, worry and anxiety.

I'd love to know how you feel after doing this exercise...

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