• Jessica Joan

My Experience With Covid

At the start of December, my boyfriend and I tested positive for Coronavirus. 😷

It was a complete blow because it meant I would miss out on the last two weeks of school before Christmas and I would have to cancel plans to meet up with friends and family.

Then my mind went spiralling...

Where had we caught it from?

When did we catch it?

Who had we caught it from?

What if I gave it to someone else before I started showing symptoms and made them ill over Christmas?

What if that person died because of me?

What if Matt dies?

What if I die?

I went from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds of receiving my positive result. Deep down I knew I had it but didn't want to believe it, avoiding the truth I suppose. It was too scary to think about.

My symptoms started with a fever. I felt like I was in a block of ice but my skin was red hot, then I would quickly feel like my body was boiling up and I would sweat profusely! I also had a tight, wheezy chest which made me cough if I breathed in deeply. Every single inch of my body HURT. And I was completely and utterly exhausted ALL OF THE TIME!

Despite this, I carried on doing bits of my coaching work and rested when I needed to.

On my fourth day of quarantine, I coached a Happy Teacher client in the morning and then quickly went downhill.

Covid brought on my underlying symptoms x1000! I have diverticular disease - covid played havoc with my gut making me sick, having the squits and in pain. I also have vertigo from time to time. Covid meant I had vertigo for TWO WEEKS 😵 - I still experience dizziness 4 weeks later but it's manageable.

The sickness from my gut topped off with feeling like I'm constantly on a waltzer made me so ill that I had to go to hospital with dehydration. They kept me in for the day to put me on an IV drip and pump me with anti-sickness drugs, then sent me home once my blood levels showed that I was sufficiently hydrated. This experience is a bit of a blur to me to be honest.

The next couple of weeks, living with vertigo, were horrendous. I was bed bound. Couldn't do anything. I would sit in bed all day with my eyes closed because the room just spun. I couldn't look at my phone or watch TV because it made me sick. I was sensitive to noise and light. My boyfriend would have to take me to the toilet. He would have to bath me. It brought me down so much. I cried a lot out of frustration, fear, anger and sadness during those weeks.

It was during this time that I lost my sense of taste and smell. Eating without being able to smell or taste is the weirdest thing ever and I am so grateful that it is slowly starting to come back now 🙏

4 weeks on, I still struggle with a tight, wheezy chest and exhaustion. So I won't be going back to kick-boxing or running any time soon! Sometimes I have to have little nanna naps in the afternoon 😴 And I know it's going to be weeks, maybe even months, before I am back to full health.

I was so blase about Covid before I tested positive. But now it honestly scares me, thinking I could catch it again and be that ill. I think about how poorly it made me with a gut disease and vertigo and how frightening it could be to someone who has heart problems, an autoimmune disease, lung issues or cancer.

When those anxious thoughts come into my mind, I tell myself that all I can do is make sure I look after my health...

So that I can keep showing up for myself.

So that I can keep showing up for my family and friends.

So that I can keep showing up for stressed out teachers.

So that I can keep showing up for my Happy Teacher clients.

So that I can keep showing up for you! 🧡

Stay Safe. Stay Home. Save Lives.

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