• Jessica Joan

Self Care Kit For Teachers

Chances are if you Google the above, you'll get shit like chocolate, tea and face masks come up.

Which are all lovely things.

But is that really "self care" for a stressed out, time deprived teacher?

I used to believe it was, pre-burnout and pre-breakdown.

I used to eat huge bars of chocolate because I deserved a treat after the crappy day I'd had. Then beat myself up and believe I was a big fatty for eating a family sized bar of whole nut in a matter of minutes.

I used to drink tea and coffee all day, then be buzzing off my tits at night and not able to fall to sleep. So then I would think about all those times I'd made a mistake or overthink the conversations I'd had with a parent that day.

I used to put on a face mask so that I could relax, because I knew I needed to relax! But my head would still be swirling from one thought to the other, my heart racing and then feel guilty for having the time to do that when I could be finishing off my assessment tracker on a Friday night.

Like I said, they are lovely things. But they are NOT self care.

Self care is the choices you make every day to take care of your overall wellbeing - whether that be emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually, etc.

Self care is noticing your sabotaging thoughts and writing them down in your journal to see if you can spot patterns in your outdated belief system.

Self care is sticking to your boundaries and saying no to something because you've got plans.

Self care is recognising when you are in stress response and then exercising to release the stress hormones that have built up so that you can bring your body back into homeostasis.

It's small actions that you can take every day so that you can be the best version of yourself!

So as lovely as chocolates and nice teas and spa days are, they're not going to help you be the best version of yourself if you don't truly understand yourself, your body, your thoughts, your beliefs and your self worth!

What thoughts are coming up for you now that you've read that?

Now is the best time for you to start implementing some self care strategies while you have the time to practice them, so that they're already an ingrained habit by the time you return to work in September!

When you're ready to create a self care routine which will give you more time, more energy and more fulfilment at school and at home, click this link to take my free Happy Teacher test 👉

This test will help you gain more clarity on what's working well and not so well when it comes to being a Happy Teacher right now.

So, are you gonna keep fannying about with vegan face masks or are you going start taking small action steps to actively improve your self care routine and be the best version of you?!

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