• Jessica Joan

The Problem with Perfect

As a newly qualified holistic health and nutrition coach, I have really felt the pressure to show up during this time. As a heart-centred, empathic woman, I want to be supportive and motivating of other people, to help them live purposefully during this time… Yet, I was forgetting to do it for myself.

All the things I usually do to make myself feel better had slowly started slipping away…

  1. Getting up early to meditate, breathe and exercise.

  2. Speaking to family and friends.

  3. Eating a balanced diet.

  4. Limiting my time on social media.

  5. Spending time with my boyfriend.

Instead, my focus was on my work. I had been working every day of the week, my mind was constantly whizzing and whirring about social media content, coaching clients, how to gain new clients, coaching packages, blog posts, website, etc. And I know this is all because I am so passionate about helping teachers live a balanced lifestyle, but my “perfectionist” trait started to rear its ugly head.

I’d made a list of things I wanted to do last week and I didn’t do ANY of them. Why? Because the perfectionist in me was telling me it wasn’t good enough. I was putting so much pressure on myself to look perfect, provide the perfect content, to live the perfect balanced lifestyle, etc, that I didn’t complete anything I wanted to.

Likewise, I’d see other coaches doing amazing things for people and that also made me put even more pressure on myself! So much so, that I started losing my motivation, my enjoyment and my drive because I wasn’t doing as well as they were. It made me think that I wasn’t good enough to be a life coach.

It got to the point where I thought to myself, I’ve got to practise what I preach. So, I took time out. I gave myself a couple of days to unwind, relax, do things that bring me joy and not think about work. This also meant unfollowing some people on social media; these people who I once looked to for motivation were now sucking the life out of me.

To help keep the perfectionist at bay, I have:

  1. Created a morning routine again (set an early alarm, meditate, breathe and workout).

  2. Listened to positive affirmations as I get ready (repeating these to myself as I look in the mirror).

  3. Set my working hours so that I’m not constantly working or thinking about work.

  4. Make time for myself three times a day to do something that brings me joy.

  5. Journal. (Gratitude, successes, achievements)

  6. Unfollowed people on social media so I would stop comparing myself to them.

Perfectionism isn’t a bad thing, it shows how much love, passion and care you have for something. It shows you want to do your best! However, it becomes a problem when it stops you from achieving your best!

We’re not perfect, and never will be! This is something I know I will have to keep working on throughout my life. In the past, being a perfectionist in my work has only brought me stress, overwhelm and depression and I’m not willing to live like that anymore!

The next time you feel yourself getting worked up, overwhelmed, stressed and unmotivated, ask yourself, “Is it because I’m trying to be perfect?”


You are amazing at what you do!

You’re doing your best!

People appreciate you and love you for YOU!

You’ve got this!

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