Working With Me

Take the time to invest in you!

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Step 1


A free 20 minute coaching call to discuss what you are trying to achieve and how I can assist you.

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Step 2

Immersion Session

Our first full session is about getting clarity on the goals you want to achieve. We take as long as it needs to design an action plan together.

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Step 3

Continued Coaching

We work together over several weeks and months, either in person or via video-call, until we achieve the result you want.


Coaching Packages

The Happy Teacher

Are you a stressed-out teacher who desires a calmer life?

Do you always suffer with headaches or get sick at the end of every term?

Do you feel like your personal life takes a back seat over your work life?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the pressures and stress in your job?

‘The Happy Teacher’ is a six week coaching program designed specifically to educate teachers on how to manage stress effectively with a range of tools and techniques, to inspire teachers to take ownership of their thoughts and emotions and to empower teachers to create the happier, balanced lifestyle which they have always dreamed of!


Module One: Are you ready to change?

Discover what change is and why we fail, learn about the brain and how we behave, uncover your ‘why’ and identify your limiting beliefs and negative self-talk through a journey of self-awareness.

Module Two: Create The Life You Love!

Discover what you value in life, uncover the confidence to say “no” and when to say “yes” from a place of authenticity, develop self-love and self-esteem and start living your life aligned to what is important to you.

Module Three: Relax and Rejuvenate

Understand what stress is and the effects of stress on your BodyMind, learn how to sit with your emotions without judgement and develop healthy coping strategies to support you in managing your stress levels.

Module Four: Power of Positivity

Learn how to influence your subconscious mind, change the way you think, feel and behave, transform your external world through your inner world and cultivate compassion for yourself.

Module Five: It’s All About Balance

Stop giving your all without giving to you, explore how to turn your daily activities into sacred moments, create daily rituals and construct your purposeful life in line with your values. 

Module Six: Establish Your Environment

Discover how to identify and respond to toxic relationships, create energetic boundaries to protect your space, face your fears head on and transform outdated stories into current beliefs that reflect who you are today.