Client Reviews

Jess is supportive and a caring person who is easy to talk to and is there for you… I feel that I have learnt to begin to look after myself and that I am valuable and I am enough.


A superb facility that offers professionalism and friendly advice and support. Lots of helpful and realistic strategies shared for managing stress and anxiety within both the workplace and home life.

Laura, Worcestershire

Prior to working with Jess I had made several haphazard approaches to declutter my mind and reduce anxiety. The failure of each attempt to address my frame of mind resulted in me feeling overwhelmed and disheartened. Jess supported me with fresh approaches to my concerns including time management exercises, positive affirmations,  meditation, self reflection journals and breathing techniques- all to be used as and when I needed them most. The result of these newfound techniques is evident to me in so many different ways, enabling me to appreciate myself in a healthier and more holistic manner. Jess made me feel so comfortable during each session and this gave me the confidence to address concerns I would have had a tendency to otherwise ignore.

Katie, South Wales

Goals I had set, such as exercise and healthy living, I found I achieved them much quicker in coaching than I anticipated; not only achieved them but stuck to them! I was surprised in what I achieved in a small amount of time! I truly believe coaching has helped an awful amount; prior to coaching you can feel an overload of tasks, goals and to do lists in your mind. Coaching helps ease those plans by setting realistic goals accordingly. Jess is very natural at what she does, which gives this immediate relaxed and comfortable feel to your sessions. She is amazing at listening and really taking in what you are saying and / or feeling. She doesn’t push too hard, making you feel at ease but pushes enough to ensure you do succeed. She is amazing and a great role model herself!

Chanel Rio, Bewdley

What I like about coaching is that it is a client-centered practice. I feel that Jess got a nice balance in using examples from her own experiences and helping me to come up with answers myself.  She also encouraged me to put actions into place to keep me on track for the coming week.  It made me take responsibility and be more accountable for my outcomes.

Claire, Bewdley